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CELTIC WEDDING BAND Scottish Braveheart style with bagpipes and fiddles

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Celtic Wedding Band Music for Bride and Groom

For the Bride and Groom we will play a beautiful Celtic Wedding Waltz for the first dance and also for the Bride and Grooms farewell at the end of the night.Celtic Wedding Band Music is very Romantic Wedding Music and creates a special Wedding atmosphere fpr your Wedding Day.


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Rob the Braveheart sings Braveheart songs dressed in Tartans like Mel Gibson in the film Braveheart.To view web site click here.

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Celtic Wedding Band are available for Celtic Weddings worldwide.Dressed in their Tartan Kilts and Plaids they provide an authentic Scottish Celtic Wedding Band Atmosphere for your Special Celtic Wedding Day with Fiddles,Bagpipes and Romantic Celtic Wedding Band Songs and Music.

Celtic Wedding Band Weddings are Unique and everyone who has booked us before say that all their guests and families state that Celtic Wedding band gives their Celtic Wedding Day something that other bands cannot provide.

Celtic Wedding Band can give you a nice gentle Celtic Wedding Night for those wishing an easy pace or a Rip Roaring Celtic Wedding Party or a mixture of Both.

Whatever, we promise Celtic Wedding Band will provide you with Fun,Romance and an unforgettable Celtic Wedding Experience.
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